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  • Moscow to Vladivostok in Three Hours?
    Moscow to Vladivostok in Three Hours?

    Our life is a constant journey from point A to point B, and the time we spend on it depends on the speed of travel. One hundred thrirty km/h is the maximum permissible speed on highways; the high-speed train Sapsan travels at 250 km per hour; and a civil subsonic aircraft, being the fastest passenger transportation mode available today, flies at no more than 900 km per hour on average.

    Is it fast enough? For example, the distance from Moscow to Vladivostok is about 7000 kilometers. It is easy to calculate that even if travelling by air, the travel time will exceed 8 hours! However, is this acceptable in the context of the pace of modern life, where every minute counts?

    Today, TsAGI is actively exploring the possibility of creating a new-generation supersonic business/passenger aircraft (SBA/SPA). Of course, this concept is already familiar to the world aviation community.

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